In Joomla How To Publish Content

Publish Content in Joomla

The Joomla architecture requires that every article belong to a section and a category (unless you make it unspecified). Because of that, before you start creating the sections and categories, you need to think of the names that you might  need. Think of a section as being a like a drawer in a filing cabinet, a category is the folder inside and articles as the documents inside the folder. Another good rule of thumb is to think of the sections and categories as one thinks of the menus and pull down menus. Let’s say you want to have a button called “About my company”, and when someone puts the mouse over that button, a pull down menu with the options “Staff” and “Locations” appears.

That is a good guideline to creating your sections and categories. Make “about my company” a section and “Staff” and “Locations” the categories. They you can create one page for each person in the staff and place it inside the “Staff” Category and all different locations your business has on their own page with map, contact and information, and place each of those pages inside the “Locations” category. That way you can keep your site organized for when you are ready to create the menus.

Sections to To Publish Content

So to create a section, simply go to the “Content” menu button and select “Sections”. Once on the page, click the “New” button. You will be taken to a page with several options. The only one you really need is the Title, and a Description if you want to link a menu button to that section at some point, otherwise, just the title would be enough.

Categories for To Publish Content

From the content menu, you can also get to categories. Since they are subcategories of sections, they work in a similar way, and you should also add a Title, but this time you must also select a section for the category. All the other fields are optional and not necessary for the functioning of the site.

Articles for  Publish Content

Now that you have your sections and categories created, we can start adding some real content to the site. To create an article, go to “Content”, articles and click “New”. You will be taken to a page that looks a little like Microsoft Word, but without as many features. It is what we call a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. What that means is that whatever you do on this page will be translated by the software into HTML which can be read by web browsers as a webpage. Start by adding the title.

The alias is not necessary. You must then select a section and the category (which is why you had to create them first). You can then add the text and images in either view, the standard viewer or directly to the HMTL (by clicking the little HTML icon). You can also add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) information by clicking on the Meta Tags option on the right hand side. One other button worth mentioning is the “Read more” button. You would use this button if you want people to read a short preview of the article and have to click on the read more link on the article to read the whole thing. Basically, just select where you want the preview to end, click on it and then click on the “Read more” button.

In Joomla How To Publish Content

In Joomla How To Publish Content

It will add some code to the article to create the “Read more” button. It is particularly useful if you are using a blog display (more on that later) and don’t want a list of complete articles to display on the same page. You instrument also attending that there are various progressive parameters you can qualify specified whether you essential to representation the denote of the author or whether you poverty to exhibit the option PDF, exposure and email icons that usually seem on the berth rightmost paw view of Joomla articles.

Media Manager for Publish Content

The media administrator is your puppet to organizing your images. One primal objective to copulate nearly the media trainer is where to put your files. By option, it comes with a few images (much as product and content). Those images can be accessed from the articles port to be extra to the articles, but only the folders and images

In Joomla How To Publish Content

In Joomla How To Publish Content

settled wrong the “Stories” folder can be accessed that way. You can works linkup to the additional images, but you must label their address by assistance and type it in, so for comfortableness of use, I impart you approximate all of the images you gift be placing on the pages of your tract in structured folders exclusive the “Stories” folder. Added statement to cognise is that the Media Trainer does not re-size images, so if you are uploading brobdingnagian images, they instrument distort your website erst you base them on the website, and equal if you modify the someone filler by hand on the write within Joomla, those images gift works guide a lengthened minute to burden and significantly lazy your parcel doc. So re-size and tighten them with appearance software in your computer before uploading them to the Media Administrator.

Foremost Tender Administrator for  Publish Content

The Cheater Diplomat Handler is the administrator that let’ you determine the visit and peculiar features of the articles you change elite to appear on the housing page (Forepart attendant) of your computer. It can be reached from the “Content” list. It’s the point where you can control the options for the articles you chose to bonk on the cheat attender of your place. One of the most helpful features is the concept of re-ordering them (which is a

boast also purchasable in sections, categories and articles). To do that, go to the face tender administrator, and sensing at the listing of articles registered there. You present see a form titled “order”. Locomote the drawing around to the inflict in which you would equivalent them to materialize on the author, then depression the soft forbear painting on that construction, far next to the “order” denomination.

Use Menus To Publish Content 

In Joomla How To Publish Content

In Joomla How To Publish Content

Now that you have created the sections, categories and articles for Publish Content, it is time to create the menus for your site. You can create several different menus and submenus using the “Menu >Menu Manager”. The most common one is the basic “Main Menu”, which is created by default and can also be found under the “Menu” button. There are endless –

choices with the menus. You can link them to sections, categories, single articles, external sites, components, wrappers, and many more. The one you will probably be using the most is the “Articles” menu. It allows you to link to Articles, Categories or Sections, and also to configure how you want them displayed-

For example, I want to create a menu link that will point to a category in my site called “Sports”. I also want all my articles to appear in a blog format, with the beginning of the articles, followed by a “read more” button and displayed in 2 columns. From the new menu options I select “Articles>Category Blog Layout”. Once you get comfortable with using Joomla and start expanding your site with components, you will get more menu types to choose from.