Make Your Design Business More Efficient using 6 Tools

Whether you run a design agency or operate as a freelancer, you quickly learn the value of efficiency. The slower you and your team members are, the more time wasted on badly-designed processes, the less work you get done – and the less money you make. You want to make sure your dirty work is quick and easy, in order to clear more time for what actually matters. The good news are that you’ve got plenty of tools to help you do that. Here are six you’ll surely find useful.

1. Webydo
Webydo is an intuitive and easy to use tool for building websites without having to write code. You can use it to execute your vision quickly and efficiently from scratch, with all the features and responsivity your client requires. It creates sites that are even simple to manage in the long run, so you can leave your clients with a fully operating, immediately published website which they can easily update with new material whenever they want PHP and ASP

2. Flow
Flow is a great task management tool for small teams. It helps you keep up with all the work being done by all of your colleagues at once. You’ll find it easy to keep updated with the team and always be on top of deadlines and workloads. The nice thing is that Flow is a good middle ground: not too simplistic (so better than a sticky note with a to-do list) but not too heavy either (so might fit you better than Sharepoint.)2 PHP and ASP

3. Google Analytics
This one’s a no-brainer: Google Analytics is a go-to tool for many web designers and managers. It’s where you get all the info you need in one place about how your website’s doing, who is visiting it and how often, where they’re coming from, how much revenue you’re making, what you conversion rate is and so much more. Google, as everyone is slowly realizing, sees all – and with Google Analytics you can catch a glimpse too.3 PHP and ASP

4. Niice
Remember wasting hours gazing at Pinterest boards? Well Niice is all about creative inspiration too, with a more professional twist. If you’re stuck and need to look at what others are doing, if you need new directions for your work or even if you just enjoy looking at beautiful things other people do on Behance, Dribbble and such, go visit Niice and a good (and inspiration-full) time is guaranteed.4 PHP and ASP

5. Primer
Primer is one of those tools which are so, so simple but at the same time brilliantly useful. It lets you paste your HTML into a window, and based on that piece of HTML, outputs blank CSS based on the same classes and IDs you used. It will create your basis for you and let you develop it from there, which is great for those of us who like starting with markups and applying styling later. It also happens to have a comfortingly simplistic design 5 PHP and ASP

6. InVision
InVision is a terrific tool for designing prototypes and collaborating with team members. In not too many clicks it will transform your basic designs and vision into interactive prototypes with buttons, animations, clickability and everything else the site needs, without having to use HTML. It’s a useful first step on the way to the final, meticulously designed website that your agency so loves to deliver.6 PHP and ASP